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This school helps new students adapt to a different learning and requirement system. Our daughter loved this school from the very first day, her words were: “Mommy, daddy, it‘s fun here, I feel like at home”. I think that is a great compliment from a child’s lips.
Student Soniya Bajaj

Mrs. Romita Bajaj

We are very happy with the kind of contacts he has built in the school and his class. I am very impressed with the progress of my child and kind of care you are taking of him. Appreciate all your efforts. All the very best for the future, Thank you…
Student Jon Thomas

Mr. Beny Thomas, Mrs. Maria Thomas

Junior Galaxy School has definitely been an incentive for us to extend our stay in Bhopal. The high standards maintained, coupled with the individual attention afforded to students are remarkable. Apart from the academic advancement, students enrolled at the JGFS have the advantage of interacting with various cultures which can only aid in their social development in a very positive manner.
Student Shomit Sarkaar

Mrs. Ratnamani Sarkaar

Apeksha has become very open and talkative. She interacts with everyone now. She also likes the school very much. Thanks a lot, all teachers of Junior Galaxy School.
Student Apeksha Chaturvedi

Mr. Rohit Chaturvedi, Mrs. Kanchan Chaturcvedi

My son is fully settled here he talks a lot about his friends and teachers at home. Our son really loved The School and has progressed a lot both academically and socially. Thank you for the great time that our son had at Junior Galaxy School and for preparing him very well for the future.
Student Manas Sharma

Dr. Rajeev Sharma

I think it is a big testimony to Junior Galaxy School that our son has joined a very good school in Bhopal with no problem. Actually, in some areas such as maths and science is advanced compared to his age group and the school here in Bhopal. Thus, our sincere congratulations and thanks to Principal and Teachers of Junior Galaxy School.
Student Manv Talreja

Dr. Soniya Talreja

Adhya enjoys all activities done in the school very much, especially dance and activities classes. She becomes very smart and intelligent during the school. I am very impressed with the kind of care you are taking of her. Appreciate all your effortsMrs. Pratima and Mrs. Abhilasha mam. Best of luck for future, Thank you…
Student Adhya Agarwal

Dr. Amit Agrawal, Dr. Vandna Agrawal

We can tell you that we are very happy with the school, its Teachers and the education you provide to our son. We thank the team for the great service you provide, and the skills you teach to our son. Thank you so much, Junior Galaxy.
Student Rohit Saxena

Mrs. Monika Saxena

We are Happy to have our child studied here. Excellent school and teachers. It’s very good/pleasure sending my child to Junior Galaxy school. She likes going to school. It is the first step and she is enjoying the knowledge and teaching provided by the teachers and staff.
Student Jivisha Narayan

Mrs. Bharti Pillai

I can tell you that we are very satisfied. I am, as a Business leader quite impressed on how little impact the impressive growth School has experienced over the last years, has had on the children. Good work. Keep it up….
Student Arava Mishra

Mr.Vikas Mishra
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