Junior Galaxy is comprehensive and complete preschool solution that helps you to set up your own preschool in your own City/Town or upgrades your existing preschool to adopt a revolutionary curriculum, activities that will set you apart.

Junior Galaxy is an internationally acclaimed ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and globally accepted Kindergarten which is nurturing the minds’ of kid’s in our preschool with a futuristic vision of their life & career in World. It makes us further excited to share our expertise and experience of our dedicated team of professionals, educationist and intellectuals who have been consistently working on a global standard of quality education, culture and the best modus operandi. It’s absolutely true that every child is special and born with his/her own unique talent and has enormous potential to become the legend in his/her lifetime.

It’s absolutely true that every child is special and born with his/her own unique talent and has enormous potential to become the legend in his/her lifetime.

Five successful years of Day Boarding & Day Care School in Bhopal with Pan India expansion, offering the holistic training which is child-centric and highly innovative, driven by latest technology in all our curriculum and grades, Pre-nursery to grade K.G.-II.

The Junior Galaxy is one of the fastest-growing foundation school, located in the City of Lake, Capital of M.P. and heart of India.

Powered by: – Professionals, Educationist and Intellectuals & Founders of “Savitri Devi Singh Educational Society“.

Business and Marketing:

It’s very difficult to find a business of a low investment with quick and high ROI, secured, safe, future orientated and a high degree of satisfaction.
Why is Preschool a wise investment?

  • Growing demand in urban and rural areas of quality early childhood education.
  • Parent wants to know about the inborn talent of their children and grows them with the same respect, equip them with vital skills & learning across multiple disciplines.
  • Bright future aspects and continuity in demand.

Preschool Business in India:

  • India’s education sector is among the top 10 in the world (in value terms).
  • India’s population in age group of 0-15 is larger than all of US population.
  • Currently, the preschool market size is estimated to be INR 12000 crore and is expected to reach INR 23000 crore by 2020.
  • Only 20% of the overall market is organized that gives a huge opportunity for dynamic entrepreneurs like you to enter into this segment and exploit it.

Preschool enrollments:

  • Only 3/100 enrolled
  • Expected to grow 30/100 by 2020
  • Expected ROI { 200% over apprised of 4 years}
  • No. of Prospective students 35 crore year by year.
  • No. Of Preschool 4500 by 2016 and 29% annual growth rate.


  • Relatively Low initial investment needed to start a preschool franchise.
  • A feeling of satisfaction for playing the role of an Educationist in the society.

Why partner with Junior Galaxy?

Junior Galaxy provides a non-royalty franchise option for you to set up and run your own preschool with a difference. We charges one-time annual setup charge for all the products / services and there are no additional or hidden charges. We help and support our partner to complete setup and run a successful Preschool. We help you in promotion, marketing, training, recruitment and all related work on time to time.

Junior Galaxy has been developed with intensive research over a period on all aspects of preschool education. We have our own model Foundation set up in Bhopal (MP) where several aspects of the curriculum are put to a practical test and new improvements are worked on.

We registered More than 200% average growth in last four years. Most of the solutions available in the market but they are incomplete/improper because they do not cover all aspects of a good preschool education.

What do you need?

First of all and very important, Partner should be kids loving by heart and Passionate for early childhood Care, Education & Development.

  • Minimum 1000 to 3000 and + sq.ft area in a residential location, owned or rented.
  • Society NOC, approval from the local Municipal Authority or any other permission as required from local authorities.
  • One time initial investment will be in the range of minimum INR.3 to.6 lacs, depending and vary on location and other factors.

Your Next Step:

The first step in the process of signing up with Junior Galaxy “Mission partner” and signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with us. After sign up, Junior Galaxy will prepare a detailed project plan for you in terms of all the services, materials and T&C that are required to set up your own preschool.

If you would like to contribute in laying the foundation of future legends of India, it’s time to join the hands with Junior Galaxy and build a great business with Fame, Honour, and Identity?

So get in touch with us to grab this fantastic opportunity with Junior Galaxy…

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