KG-II (4 ½ to 5 ½ Years)

As children become increasingly independent, they aspire for new challenges. Our program introduces new themes and concepts every month, while carefully guiding children towards better-structured classroom experiences ahead. Along with reading, writing and Math readiness, this year aims at building self-independence and self-esteem of the child. The children begin to use their mathematical understanding to solve practical problems. Through practical activities children understand and record numbers, begin to show awareness of number operations, such as addition and subtraction. Matras are introduced & the child begins to read simple sentences in Hindi. Academics continue with extracurricular fun. They perform Acting, singing, vocal, speech, stories, and other captivities to develop leadership quality and build the confidence at the special created Stage. To equip children with the right skills for smooth transition to formal school.

4 ½ years to 5 ½ years

The program aims to develop complex coordinating skills and engagement with peers. Children begin to explore new areas and acquire skills in following areas along with Value Education:

  • Language – Writing Skills
  • Festival Celebrations
  • General Knowledge
  • Theme-based Dressing
  • Socio Dramatic Play
  • Environmental studies
  • Cognitive
  • Aesthetic/Creative Expression
  • Grand Parents’ Day
  • Hindi
  • Science
  • Water Play
  • Math
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Dough Play
  • Sports Day
  • Annual Day
  • Mothers’ Day
  • Fancy Dress
  • Color’s Day