Full Day Care

Full Day care at Junior Galaxy is designed to provide a safe, secure and comfortable space for children. The timings offered are flexible, to meet the needs of parents. Junior Galaxy takes special care to ensure that the hygiene and safety standards are met and maintained optimistically. Healthy, nutritious and balanced meals are provided. All meals are prepared hygienically under Day Care in-charges supervision.
Everyone knows that learning and enjoyment are the basic requirements of every child. If both find at the same place with same age group when children you can imagine the Happiness of the child. You can also feel free to work freely at your place and ensure from the children side.

It’s not the time to loose them into TV or gadgets. Rather it’s time to take a little nap or relaxing break before engaging in activities of their own interest at their own pace. Most importantly play with their friends and attend to their homework to be fully prepared and set up for the next day at school. Now a child can enjoy a quality evening time with the parents and share all about the great day child had.

  • Daycare Flexible Time
  • Choose according to your need
  • Health Home Cooked Food
  • Fresh and nutritious meal!

Day Care:- Age Group: 8Month and onwards

9:00 AM to 6.30PM

Our curriculum of Day care has been designed to provide a mixture of individual and group activities to meet all need of your child’s learning and development, and prepare him or her for kindergarten and beyond. A sample timetable is shown below, though the actual schedule may vary.