We are extremely passionate and committed to provide world’s best Childhood Care, Education & Development to all our kids. We understand that your child is the precious seed of future and you want him/her to bloom in their life and career. To accomplish this cherished goal, we have created a highly stimulating learning environment for your child to absorb the best education in the most natural way.

We believe every child is intrinsically brilliant and all our dedicated teachers work towards bringing out that hidden light and potential from your child to make them shine brilliantly. The Inborn talent is explored and groomed to make them successful.

Our highly qualified Principal is the Mentor and other teachers are our assets. They ensure that no child should be left behind. From day one, we treat your child with special care & love. Hence, special emphasis is laid on developing your child’s confidence & communication skills – the two main prerequisites to become a leader and successful in any field of life.

We welcome all the parents with our hearts wide open to come and feel our loving and caring nature along with our experience and energy in Junior Galaxy School.

Pratima Singh
(PGDCA, M.A, NTTE, Educationist, Social worker for Child Right & Development)