Art & Drawing is a naturally fun loving activity for children. This activity helps to gain control of their limbs; they work to put themselves out into the world to see how it all works. They explore, observe and imitate, trying to figure out how things operate and how to control them. It allows freedom to manipulate different materials in an organic and unstructured way allows for exploration and experimentation. These artistic endeavors and self-directed explorations are not only fun but educational as well. Art & drawing allows children to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life but also for learning.

Art & Craft activities help into fine motor skills, Cognitive development, Math skills and improve Language skills.

We do below practice to the children for better control:

  • Move your arm in a round and round motion.
  • Move your arm up and down.
  • Move your arm back and forth.
  • Move your arm in a zig zag motion.
  • Move your arm in a wiggle motion.
  • Move your arm with a jabbing or dot dot dot motion.