Pride and pleasure with the sense of satisfaction in our endeavor of the excellence in education; the quality and standard which is unparallel; unmatched and one of the best in the world with state of art, sophisticated latest technology; Psychometric Mind Power Development with strong roots. Now the branches, flowers, and the fruits have borne-out, the sweetness of which is spreading all over and giving happiness to everyone with quality education and learning which redefines the new vision and dimensions.

Welcoming you all with pride and honor in our ever growing; expanding and developing a family of Junior Galaxy. The Kids El-Dorado (paradise); it makes us nostalgic with the sense of belonging because every effort and vision go into its continuous development and evolution.

Junior Galaxy is an internationally acclaimed ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and globally accepted Kindergarten which is nurturing the minds’ of kid’s in our preschool with a futuristic vision of their life & career in the world. It makes us further excited to share our expertise and experience of our dedicated team of professionals, educationist and intellectuals who have been consistently working on the global standard of quality education, culture and the best modus operandi. At Junior Galaxy, we ensure security, the comfort along with Play-Way and the Fun loving environment for all our kids. Actually, it is a Home away from Home for all the kids.

It’s absolutely true that every child is special and born with his/her own unique talent and has enormous potential to become the legend in his/her lifetime. At Junior Galaxy, we explore and extract such unique talent of all our children and groom with the best and consistent efforts that shape them into the real Hero or making them the legend in their lifetime. The name, “Junior Galaxy” itself is self explanatory which gives not only the complete solution but also the perfect world of children with love & care, culture & values, discipline & devotion new age education driven by today’s technology and development which ensure their growth and success like Sun, Moon and all Stars in the universe in our Galaxy.

Five successful years of Day Boarding & Day Care School in Bhopal with Pan India expansion, offering the holistic training which is child centric and highly innovative, driven by latest technology in all our curriculum and grades, Pre nursery to grade K.G.-II.

The Junior Galaxy is one of the fastest growing foundation school, located in the City of Lake, Capital of M.P. and heart of India.

Powered by: – Professionals, Educationist, Intellectuals & Founders of “Savitri Devi Singh Educational Society“.